Hiện trạng chăn nuôi bò sữa trong các nông hộ người Khơ me ở tỉnh Sóc Trăng

Đậu Văn Hải, Lê Phan Dũng và Nguyễn Thị Hồng Trinh


Dairy cattle production of Khmer farmers in Soc Trang province

A survey on dairy cattle production was conducted in total of 150 Khmer households in Tran De, My Xuyen and My Tu districts, Soc Trang province from April to May, 2015. These dairy farms were randomly selected, the survey information collected based on the direct answers of farmers to a standardized questionnaire.

The survey results showed that households owned 1-2 heads, 3-4 heads and 5 heads or more and percentage of hoseholds having 1-2 heads, 3-4 heads and 5 heads or more  was 41.33%; 32.67% and 26%, respectively. The grass land area occupied 11.66 -17.69% in comparison to rice land area and on average, grass land area was 276 m2/cow. The common rearing cattle practice was cut and carry system without additional areas for cow movement.  100% of Artificial insemination was applied for all cows. Cows feeds was mainly from green grass and compound feed. The average milk yield was 13.34 kg/head/day (approximately 4,000 kg/305 day period). Calving intervals was 443.9 days, 482.1 days and 520.4 days for crossbred F1, Fand F3, respectively. The heifers grew rather slowly, having low first mating weights of 245 - 265 kg and getting a high first insemination ages (18.5 and 21.20 months of age for F3 and F1, respectively). Dairy farming has significantly contributed to increase income for Khmer people (accounting for 63.87% of total income of the family). However, there were some limitations such as: limited knowledge of farmers, a very simple livestock barn, no additional areas for cow movement, no cooling system, no diversified cattle feeds, no locally available by-products utilization. As a result, cattle rations met only 81.79% of DM; 78.28% 79.36% CP and 78,28% ME reqirements

Key words: Khơme, dairy cows, milk yield, crossbred, grass. 

Hiện trạng chăn nuôi bò sữa trong các nông hộ người Khơ me ở tỉnh Sóc Trăng

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