Chọn lọc giống gà tre tại Tiền Giang


Selective breeding research on Tre chicken breed in Tien Giang

The study was evaluation the appearance and productivity of Tre breeding chickens, from which Tre chickens with characterized appearance, small weight and stable egg performance were selected in order to produce the nuclear flocks. The results revealed that 01 day old Tre chickens have multiform color feather, 16 weeks old Tre hens have gold inserted black, grey, brown and white feather and narrow chest. Tre chicken’s abdomen has red overalls with wrinkles; roosters got two main colors: plum color and reddish brown color; their feet are tall, big, and shaggy with dark pink color, scaly dragon background or 4 rows of scales. At 8 weeks of ages, the body weight of males was 452.1gram and the weight of females in the third generation was 376.2gram. At 16 weeks of ages, the body weight of males in the third generation was 712.7gram and 597.3gram per hen, it is higher than its in the first generation (1.93%) and the second generation (1.83%). The number of eggs peaked 5% at 137 days old. 38 weeks old of egg production was 42.15. The proportion of fertilized eggs was 89.86%, hatching eggs/ the total of eggs hatched was 90.64%. In conclusion, Tre chickens flock was homogenous in appearance and body weight; therefore they satisfy the conditions for economic and technical criterias of the nuclear flock.

Key words: Morphological characterization, animal conservation, Tre chicken

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Chọn lọc giống gà tre tại Tiền Giang

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