Nghiên cứu sử dụng chế phẩm Diterpen Lacton chiết xuất từ cây xuyên tâm liên [Andrographis paniculata (burm.f.) nees] thay thế kháng sinh trong khẩu phần lợn thịt thương phẩm

Thứ năm, 05/01/2017 - 09:38

Vương Nam Trung, Phạm Sỹ Tiệp và Lê Hoàng Bảo Vi


Using Diterpen Lacton powder extracting from Andrographispaniculata (burm.f.) to alter to antibiotic in pig fattener diet

160 sixty day old weaned piglet were collected and randomized in to 4 treatments: T1: Control without diterpenLacton product (DL) and with antibiotic of chlotetracycline (100ppm) and tylosine (50ppm); T2, T3, T4 without antibiotic and with DL at 0.15; 0.30 and 0.45% in diet, respectively; 10 pigs /pen, 4 pens/treatment. The basal diet were the same in all the treatments and met the pig requirements (NRC, 2012). The parameters recorded were body weight, feed intake and daily feed waste, mortality, blood biochemical parameters, harm-full organism in feces, antibiotic residue in meat and liver. The results showed that using DP in pig fattener diet not only improved growth, feed efficiency, reduced mortality but also could replaced completely antibiotic as growth promoter in diet. The best treatment was at 0.30% DL in diet which improved 6.17% weigh gain; 5.59% feed efficiency and reduced E. Coli and coliform in feces as well as mortality rate compared to those of antibiotic diet.

Key words: Diterpen Lacton, fattener, pig, antibiotic, weigh gain.


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