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Thứ năm, 05/01/2017 - 09:08

Phan Đặng Quế Phương, Trương Đình Bảo và Nguyễn Ngọc Hải

Bộ môn Môi trường và Sức khỏe vật nuôi - Phân viện Chăn nuôi Nam Bộ; Khoa chăn nuôi thú y - Trường Đại học Nông Lâm TP.HCM

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Farmer knowledge in Long An and Tay Ninh provinces on differential diagnosis of Foot and Mouth Disease and other diseases in buffalo, beef cattle using the participatory epidemiology method

Participatory tools such as pair-wise ranking, matrix scoring of disease signs are performed on 19 interviewed groups in two provinces of Long An and Tay Ninh. This study aimed to evaluate the importance of foot and mouth disease (FMD), and to identify differential diagnosis method of different pathologies in buffalo/beef cattle by farmer. In results of disease’s priority ranking, FMD was ranked 2nd behind haemorrhagic septicemiain in buffalo/beef cattle production. The result also highlighted the way to distinguish among FMD and other diseases by using matrix scoring of diseases and signs. For buffalo/beef cattle production, FMD was characterized by 2 signs such as salivation (W1=0,84; P<0,01) and hoof separation or lost (W1 = 1; P < 0,01). Research showed that unlikely decision  markers through, farmers were not really considered FMD was the most infectious diseases and they had ability to identify, to differentially diagnosis this disease compared with other diseases based on clinical symptoms. The study also showed that the contribution of prevention and control policy to fight against FMD should take into consideration of the farmer’s perceptions and point of view to get expected results.

Key words: FMD, buffalo/beef cattle, Long An and Tay Ninh province, differential diagnosis, participatory epidemiology.

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