Khả năng sản xuất của lợn đực (Duroc x Pietrain), (Duroc x Landrace) và Duroc tại Gia Lai

Lê Bá Chung, Đậu Văn Hải, Đoàn Xuân Soạn, Nguyễn Hữu Cường  và Phạm Thế Huệ


The study was conducted in Gia Lai Animal Breeding Center from January, 2015 to December, 2015 with the research subjects including three kinds of boars namely Duroc x Pietrain (DP), Duroc x Landrace(DL), and Pure Duroc (DD). The objectives of this study are to assess semen quality and the impacts of seasonal factors on the semen quality among three groups DP, DL, and DD. The experiment was conducted by randomly block design and repeated 3 times in which these boars are as same as ages and feeding patterns.

The results show that pure Duroc boars reached the highest density of semen volume (205ml), followed by DP (197.5 ml), and the remaining DL (190.83 ml). There was the highest sperm mobility in DP (83.61%), followed by DD (83.14%) and the lowest DL (81.5%). In addition, Duroc boars experienced highest sperm density at 783.93 million/ml, DP second highest at 350.47 million/ml, and the lowest among DL at 339.81 million/ml. The percentage of strange sperm in Duroc boars reached the highest in the three groups with 6.85%, followed by DP (5.89%) and lowest in the DL group (5.45%). The Duroc boar accounted for the lowest number with 61.53 billion, behind DP and DL with 59.61 billion and 53.06 billion respectively. Seasonal factors genuinely impact the sperm quality in all three groups, in which the VAC in rainy season is better than that in dry season although there is no apparent evidence.

Key words: Duroc, Landrace, Pietrain, semen, seasons, quality

Khả năng sản xuất của lợn đực (Duroc x Pietrain), (Duroc x Landrace) và Duroc tại Gia Lai

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