Characterization of the porcine Nanog 5’-flanking region

Azra Memon, Ki-Duk Song and Woon Kyu Lee

Objective: Nanog, a homeodomain protein, has been investigated in humans and mice using embryonic stem cells (ESCs). Because of the limited availability of ESCs, few studies have reported the function and role of Nanog in porcine ESCs. Therefore, in this study, we investigated the location of the porcine Nanog chromosome and its basal promoter activity, which might have potential applications in development of ESCs specific marker as well as understanding its operating systems in the porcine.

Methods: To characterize the porcine Nanog promoter, the 5'-flanking region of Nanog was isolated from cells of mini-pig ears. BLAST database search showed that there are two porcine Nanog genomic loci, chromosome 1 and 5, both of which contain an exon with a start codon. Deletion mutants from the 5'-flanking region of both loci were measured using the DualLuciferase Reporter Assay System, and a fluorescence marker, green fluorescence protein.

Results: Promoter activity was detected in the sequences of chromosome 5, but not in those of chromosome 1. We identified the sequences from –99 to +194 that possessed promoter activity and contained transcription factor binding sites from deletion fragment analysis. Among the transcription factor binding sites, a Sp1 was found to play a crucial role in basal promoter activity, and point mutation of this site abolished its activity, confirming its role in promoter activity. Furthermore, gel shift analysis and chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis confirmed that Sp1 transcription factor binds to the Sp1 binding site in the porcine Nanog promoter. Taken together, these results show that Sp1 transcription factor is an essential ele ment for porcine Nanog basal activity the same as in human and mouse.

Conclusion: We showed that the porcine Nanog gene is located on porcine chromosome 5 and its basal transcriptional activity is controlled by Sp1 transcription factor. Keywords: Porcine; Nanog; Sp1; Promoter Activity; Chromatin Immunoprecipitation


Characterization of the porcine Nanog 5’-flanking region

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